South Island Surfaces specializes in re-colouring old faded stamped concrete.

We have access to some special colours and pigments you can’t buy in stores and no one else in the Victoria area uses. These colours can create vibrant colorful new looking concrete out of almost any old damaged surface.

There are thousands of stamped concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks in Victoria and all too often no one knows about the maintenance required to keep the surface looking new.

With just a simple pressure washing and re-seal every year stamped concrete will look new for years and years. Unfortunately this is not common knowledge and within a relatively short time the surface of any concrete will start to lose its colour and fade.

Options for colouring concrete

Acid Staining is a reactive stain that triggers a reaction when salt comes in contact with lime in the concrete. Our specialists can create quite dramatic and stunning effects and patterns that will not fade or peel. And no two stained concrete surfaces are alike, so you will be guaranteed to have the only one like it.

Water based stains are non-reactive and will dry in the same colour they were before the application to the concrete surface. This allows us to achieve a more uniform look and is the best choice for surfaces that contain specific designs, logos, graphics, etc.

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