South Island Surfaces specializes in concrete resurfacing and restoration for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Concrete resurfacing or restoration is a great option to consider when your existing concrete surface is worn and aged. Concrete resurfacing involves repairing any cracks or chips in the concrete and then applying a new decorative coating to the surface of the repaired concrete. Our specialists can use different application techniques to add texture and colour to the surface, or stamp the concrete giving it a stone look and feel.

If you want to update the look of your concrete, a decorative overlay is a cost effective way to avoid replacing your existing concrete. We have a wide array of finishes, patterns and textures available to create the perfect custom look you desire.

There are a variety of overlays and coatings we can use to finish the concrete slab such as:

Stamped Concrete

Often found on outdoor concrete surfaces, this finish is created by samping the concrete with one or more patterns creating a pleasing visual effect which is then sealed. We can carefully choose stains and patterns to even create a natural rock or brick look and feel.

Spray Knockdown

By using acrylic concrete coatings that are applied using a hopper gun, our specialists can create a slip resistant concrete surface available in a variety of colours and stains.


Looking for a seamless and easy to clean surface that is not only durable but stunning to look at? Epoxy coatings achieve that effect and more.

Whatever your repair or restoration needs are, we will have your concrete looking like it was just poured in no time!

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