Conductive & ElectroStatic Dissipative (ESD) Flooring

Naturally, static charges are built within our own bodies from normal activities such as walking, rubbing on materials, putting on clothes, and more. These naturally occurring charges are the reason why sometimes we get shocked when touching certain materials. These same shocks can have horrible effects when combined with specific product/materials or sensitive tools. Damaging your equipment can be extremely costly to your business (estimates from the ESD Association state that electrostatic discharge costs are approximately $5 billion every year to electronic companies), which is why having special protected flooring can be worth it! Not to mention the worst case scenario of potential staff/client deaths from such charges. That is when conductive electrostatic dissipative (ESD) flooring comes in handy! This is especially the case for businesses with facilities that process combustible and flammable materials.

The Benefits of ElectorStatic Dissipative Flooring

When we install ESD and conductive flooring, they become integrated to a bigger system that manages static charges in order to minimize the risks mentioned above. We ensure the floors are seamless, and we incorporate anti-static epoxy / polyurethane flooring in order to reeduce the static charges, while also ensuring the floors are durable to impacts, chemicals, abrasion, and more.

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