Commercial & Institutional Concrete Flooring & Resurfacing Solutions

Start to finish, South Island Surfaces has all the tools, equipment and expert personnel to take care of all your commercial, industrial, and manufacturing epoxy floor resurfacing needs.

No matter what industry or commercial endeavour, every industrial facility has one or more rooms, production zones, or other areas where the flooring is required to be able to withstand high impact, heavy weight, and otherwise extreme conditions.

By choosing the wrong flooring solution, your concrete slab will often crack, deteriorate, and buckle under heavy traffic and high impact, usually developing fractures and failures that are often quite costly to repair.

The heavy wear and tear as well as exposure to oils, chemicals and abrasion in many industrial and manufacturing environments necessitates very specific flooring requirements. Your industrial floor should be chemical resistant, easy to maintain and clean and above all else tough and able to handle everyday abuse.

A commercial epoxy flooring solution from South Island Surfaces will meet and exceed these needs

Standard concrete floors seldom handle heavy loads or severe impact well, and will continue to show signs of damage and deterioration unless they are given the right protection. Our industrial and commercial flooring solutions will give your concrete floor the strength it requires to withstand the repeated and constant abuse from daily facility operations. By choosing an industrial floor solution from South Island Surfaces, you are ensuring that your floor surface has the protection it needs to ensure a long lifespan without repair and costly facility shut downs.

Whatever your commercial or industrial epoxy flooring needs are, we have the perfect solution for you!

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Retail Flooring

Retail flooring systems should be durable, skid resistant, easy to clean and of course great looking.

When it comes to interior design, floors are often the largest element and most essential one that can define the overall fell and look of a retail environment. By carefully combining texture, colour and functionality, we can design a flooring solution that will not only make a long lasting first impression on consumers, but also give you a competitive edge over your competition!

Unfortunately a lot of retail flooring is the opposite requiring labour intensive maintenance such as buffing, waxing and shampooing which can often result in expensive downtime which leads to customer inconvenience not to mention increases the cost of maintenance.

A retail flooring solution from South Island Surfaces using the latest in epoxy coatings specifically designed for commercial flooring requires minimal maintenance once installed. Simply use a broom, mop and water!

Retail Boutiques

Choose a contemporary but stylish finish to make a bold statement


We can provide a decorative floor coating that is durable enough to withstand frequent food and drink spillage and dishes being broken.

Shopping Malls

Our eye catching finishes will enhance mall entrances and central thoroughfares, while the added scratch and abrasion resistance will keep the floors looking great for years to come.

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

We have flooring systems that are ready to go within hours after application, will stand up to the heaviest of foot traffic, but still look great.

Whatever your retail flooring needs are, we have the perfect solution for you!

Warehouse Floors

Concrete dust can be prevented by a floor sealant or epoxy coating from South Island Surfaces.

These surfaces will protect the floor, prevent concrete dust, look aesthetically pleasing while extending the lifespan of the floor.

In commercial warehouse environments, concrete dust or dusting can be an extreme occupational hazard for employees as well as equipment, as this dust is released into the air as a result of traffic over uncoated concrete surfaces.

Dust inhalation can also become a health risk for employees, as well as liability for the company.

Whatever your warehouse flooring needs are, we have the perfect epoxy solution for you!