Concrete Polishing & Floor Resurfacing

Do you have a concrete floor in a showroom, lobby, or retail store that you want to shine? Does your floor get heavy traffic and it’s lost that new floor look?

Concrete polishing from South Island Surfaces can transform old and worn-out floors into beautiful new surfaces that require no additional coatings or waxing. These surfaces are non-porous and offer exceptional durability and impact resistance, are easy to clean and are peeling resistant.

Stains or dyes can be applied to give a different colour option to the polished or “Grind & Seal” concrete.

Your vision is our reality. Get creative with your colours or ask us for some advice. We’ll help you create something unique and personal.

Clarity Cannabis concrete floor resurfacing

There are some beautifying options when it comes to polished or ground concrete: We can cut decorative lines to form a pattern, and do custom logos or borders with a contrasting colour.

  • Polished Concrete
  • Stained or Dyed Polished Concrete
  • Grind & Seal
  • LEED & Environmentally Friendly

Retail showrooms, car dealerships, and department stores are often ideal for polished concrete floor solutions. Add some lustre back into your heavily trafficked floors. It will come right back to life!

Our concrete floor specialists will help you design the perfect floor, starting from choosing a satin sheen or high-gloss sheen and then discussing your polishing and grinding options. This is why this is an excellent choice for almost any concrete flooring situation.