Concrete Grinding, Polishing & Resurfacing

Clarity Cannabis was expanding into a new location in Langford, BC that had seen its fair share of renovations. Each new business took its toll on the floor; it was a mess. The last go around left old tiling grout and thinset glue across the entire floor; no problem!

We started with our concrete grinding machine and made quick work of the old building materials. With the new surface we repaired all the little cracks and chips out of the floor and any other construction damage. With the surface prepped, we started in with the concrete polish. This kicked off with a densifier which treated the concrete in order to create a stain resistant and hard surface as prep for the polishing process. We were able to polish down to an 800 grit surface that was able to take the finishing sealer perfectly.

What we ended up with was a low gloss, easy to clean and very durable and long-lasting surface. It was exactly what the business owner was looking for. This project covered 1,500 sq.ft and took 5 days from start to finish.

Clarity Cannabis