Retail Flooring for Victoria & South Vancouver Island

The flooring for your retail location is just as important (if not more important) as all of the other interior design details going into your store. Floors for retail stores go through a lot of wear-and-tear, so it’s important to have the right material that will withstand the type of use intended for retail locations. Not only do retail floors need to be durable, but they need to be visually appealing too in order to positively add to the store’s ambiance. Working with South Island Surfaces will enable you to find the perfect retail flooring for your store.

We have a number of flooring types that work well for retail store locations. By focusing-in on flooring that uses the latest coatings specifically designed for retail store floors, you will be able to save time & money on maintaining your store’s floors. All of our retail flooring options are low-maintenance once installed, and can usually be cleaned with a simple broom & mop. This will save you time & money by eliminating the need for constant waxing & buffing. Less time being spent on maintaining your retail floors means more time to help your customers when they’re shopping in your store!

Our professional retail flooring options are applicable for a number of retail store types, including:

Flooring for Retail Stores, Boutiques, &/or Shopping Malls

Whether your retail store is big or small, we have awesome retail flooring options to choose from that will make your store look & feel great! We are also able to work with larger flooring projects like those needed for shopping malls and other large areas.


Flooring for Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, &/or Cafeterias

If your retail location requires flooring that is resistant to food too, we have you covered for that as well!


and more!

All of our retail flooring options are extremely durable, and they are always eye-catching too. We have flooring options that are ready to go soon after installing. Whatever your retail flooring needs are, South Island Surfaces has the perfect solution for you & your business! Contact us today to discuss your project in detail with one of our reps.


Project Examples