Cannabis Cultivation Flooring – What You Need To Know

Cannabis and all things cannabis is a booming industry in Canada, especially with its recent legalization. Many are looking to get into the business by becoming retail vendors and/or marijuana producers. Having the right kind of professional flooring for your cannabis growing operations is very important. Having the right flooring (and walls) has the potential to impact your bottom line, so working with flooring professionals like South Island Surfaces is a great idea.

The Best Flooring for Growing Cannabis

We pride ourselves on being able to produce the best flooring options for growing cannabis. South Island Surfaces specializes in flooring and walls of all types, and we ensure the quality of our work so our clients can have complete peace-of-mind. We incorporate the right tools and materials to ensure our floors and walls are always as resistant as possible to impact, chemicals, and more. This ensures that your cannabis production operation is safe for both your plants & employees!



Project Examples