School Flooring & Coatings for Classrooms, Labs, & More

If you’re looking for the absolute perfect school flooring options for your classrooms or facility, you’ve come to the right place. South Island Surfaces has worked with a number of schools and educational organizations around the Greater Victoria and South Vancouver Island area of British Columbia. We know what schools need, delivering the kind of high-quality and enduring durability that is expected from all of our clients.

The Perfect Flooring for Classrooms and Schools

We have an exceptional selection of flooring and surface finishes that are ideal for high-traffic schools and classrooms, all able to withstand foot traffic, impact, chemicals, and more, all while looking fantastic! Our floor surfaces will ensure safety, cleanliness, and an excellent appearance for your school. You will have peace of mind knowing that your staff & students are using professional, great-looking floor surfaces throughout your facility.

Education Flooring Victoria, BC

The Perfect Flooring Surfaces for Changerooms, Washrooms, & More

The floors in your school washrooms, restrooms, and change rooms need to be safe & resistant to high traffic and abuse. The exceptional durability and strength of our floors ensure that your students and staff will be safe, while also helping your janitorial staff to clean the space easily and efficiently. Our floor coatings are able to keep moisture from getting trapped, while also fighting off bacteria growth – all while maintaining a non-slip surface.

Washroom Flooring Victoria, BC

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