Vibrant & Colourful Epoxy Coatings for School Flooring

Shawnigan Lake School is a boarding school in the Shawnigan Lake area of Vancouver Island. It’s a prestigious school at that, having educated an impressive list of alumni, including Jim Shaw (CEO of Shaw Communications), a variety of Olympians, artists, politicians and a recipient of the Order of Canada.

One day contacted us inquiring about a resurfaced floor for their science lab. We knew from experience that science lab floors can take a beating. So we showed up and assessed the situation.

An Epoxy Floor Coating For a School Science Lab

The situation was that the school wanted to restore its science lab floor. We can see why they did! Years of dropped science experiments had taken their toll and it was time for a refresh. That’s a variety of chemicals and harmful agents eating away at the floor, often on a daily basis. Plus, you’ve got heavy equipment, students and faculty – often for decades – walking on that same floor every day.

This science lab was about to get a proper epoxy floor resurfacing expertly installed by the team at South Island Surfaces.

What We Did For Shawnigan Lake School

As you can see from these images, we did two things. First, we gave the floor a vibrant red colour appearance. That’s a definite improvement on the appearance of the previous flooring in their science lab.

Second, and just as important, we gave it an ultra-durable epoxy floor coating. That helped to give it a much more vibrant appearance, and it offers better protection against the spills, stomps, heavy equipment and general stressors that Shawnigan Lake School’s science lab floor will undoubtedly face in the future!