Specialized Aerospace Epoxy Floor Coating Solution for Aircraft Hangar

This was a large project for any coating company. This prestigious aerospace flooring project was done in two phases, with each one taking approximately one week to complete.

The project started by filling in the concrete slab joints and shot blasting the surface to give a proper profile for the epoxy to bond to. We also diamond-grinded all the edges where the shot blaster could not get close enough. We then applied a primer followed by a troweled-down epoxy mortar at ¼” thickness. We followed this up with a full quartz broadcast to rejection.

After cleaning up the access and doing touchups, we proceeded to apply a seal coat of epoxy which left the floor slip-resistant yet cleanable. This specialized epoxy mortar and coating is extremely impact-resistant, chemical, and stain-resistant. The floor was specifically designed to give a long-lasting finish in this airport aviation mechanical hangar.

The project was 13,000 sq. ft. and took a total of 10 days to complete.

CFB Comox sign