Urethane Cement Coating for High-Abuse Floors

Herald Street Brew Works need a protective floor coating in their production area. The production of beer and spirits uses a lot of hot water and harsh chemicals for cleaning between batches. This process is very hard on the floors as when they empty the tanks, the cleaner and hot water gets dumped onto the floor and goes down the drain. Bare concrete or a regular epoxy coating can not stand up to that abuse for very long and will start to degrade at a fast pace.

We always recommend a urethane cement coating for any brewery/cidery/winery areas like this. Urethane cement coatings are extremely durable and long lasting. We also installed a 6” cove base up the walls to create a seamless, cleanable transition to the wall finish. Its gets installed at ¼” thickness and has a slip resistant additive for added safety in these wet environments.

The project was approx. 750 sq.ft. and took 3 days to complete

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