Concrete Floor Preparations

Floor prep is right in ‘our kitchen’. We are proficient experts and will ensure your project is completed exactly how you had imagined.

South Island Surfaces has the right experience and the right tools necessary to complete your large or small concrete flooring jobs requiring floor prep, concrete grinding or concrete shot blasting. We have a large number of HEPPA vacuums that attach to our tools to collect concrete dust, ensuring safety from the dangerous silica dust created from handling concrete. We also ensure that your area stays clean & tidy while we complete the concrete work.

Concrete Floor Grinding

In order to prepare concrete flooring for coating applications, concrete floor grinding must first be used in order to level and smooth out the surface. This is done by loosening and removing old coatings. We are also able to properly remove any glue, mastic, paint or epoxy material in preparation for you new concrete surface or coating. This is all done with our vacuums in hand in order to ensure the utmost safety & cleanliness.

Concrete Shot Blasting

In order to prepare concrete floors for coating applications and tile or terrazzo installations, concrete shot blasting is used. This is a cost-effective way to remove chemical contaminants, dirt, and grime from concrete floors – preparing the concrete floor for finishing.

Contact us today to speak to one of our reps about your new concrete floor or floor reconditioning project. We love talking shop.