Concrete Resurfacing with a Groovy Epoxy Floor Coating

The Jusu Body warehouse space is going to be used as a manufacturing, storage and packaging facility for a multitude of high quality, 100% organic skin care products. The existing concrete floor was a mess with old carpet glue and layers of Thinset cement that needed to be removed and remediated.

Our team ground off the glue and the surface to get down to the original concrete slab. A perfectly clean and flat concrete surface is essential to ensure a proper long-lasting bond with the epoxy floor we were installing. This particular epoxy coating system was a 2 coat pigmented epoxy with a slip resistant additive applied to the second coat. The size of the project was approximately 1200 sq.ft and the colour chosen by Jusu was a light sage. Our team was in and out of their building in roughly 4 days.

Jusu Body