Concrete Floor Resurfacing & Levelling at Bayview Place

South Island Surfaces was involved in an extensive floor levelling, preparation, and resurfacing project at Bayview Place which lasted over 1.5 years. Almost all of the 140 condo units spread over 2 buildings needed to be corrected and prepared for laminate, carpet and hardwood flooring. Every type of floor finish, whether it be laminate, engineered hardwood, tile, vinyl or carpet has a low tolerance for unlevel substrate and so it needed to be perfect. Sometimes the tolerance is as low as 3mm variance in 3 metres. Not many concrete finishers in our industry can achieve that low of tolerance when installing large amounts of concrete on construction sites.

Our team would start by checking the concrete in the kitchen area which needed to be level for the custom cabinetry that was to be installed. Preparation is done by installing levelling pegs in the kitchen area while the rest of the condo unit was checked for flatness. This meticulous preparation is the most important step when setting up a large-scale concrete levelling project. Typically, after the kitchen floor was levelled we would install an average of 10mm of self-levelling cement throughout the remainder of the unit.

Our precision team mixed and poured over 5000 50lb bags of leveller over the course of this project which took approx. 1.5 years.

Bayview Place