Concrete Resurfacing & Polish for Brewery Flooring

The Vancouver Island Brewery underwent a major renovation to the front sales and tasting room in 2017. Our team arrived after the major part of the renovation was completed. We started by removing a ton of old tile from the main brewery tasting room, cutting into the concrete slab to move plumbing and electrical services and then re-pouring in the cut out areas. This public room was in dire need of a durable, cost-effective, and sustainable brewery flooring finish and polish.

Using our trusty concrete grinding machine we re-worked the surface of the concrete, grinded off any of the tile ThinSet (glue) and grout that remained. We then ground down the new concrete patch-work and trench filling so that it was flush with the existing floor. After the grinding and resurfacing, we proceeded to polish the concrete floor. The finished product was a low-sheen hone and polish up to 400 grit, followed by a densifier and sealer for long lasting protection. This exquisite brewery flooring project was approximately 900 sq.ft and took 3 days to complete.

Vancouver Island Brewing

“The tasting room at Vancouver Island Brewing was renovated in 2017. More than just a facelift, the space is the perfect environment to hang out and sample our selection of craft beers. The room even features a premium Gruber growler filler — the only one of its kind in Canada, which allows us to offer up to 20 different styles for fill.

We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint minimal and took great strides at improving our facility with sustainability in mind. So with that in mind, lots of the material used in the tasting room is re-purposed from other sites and all of the lighting is LED.”