Metallic Epoxy Flooring & Urethane Coating

The fine people at Fort Techtoria were looking for a new, creative finish for their old and tired concrete floor. Years of foot traffic and wicked Victoria tech parties had left the concrete marked up, stained and just plain old looking. The team wanted to make an impact with a new colourful finish that would wow people.

We knew exactly what they needed. We suggested a vibrant metallic epoxy finish after a hearty cleanup and prep of their old concrete floor. Just take a look at the finished photos below. The client was extremely pleased at the colours exploding off the floor considering there are literally thousands to choose from. To preserve the colours we applied a clear urethane topcoat that will protect the resurfaced floor for years to come.

The whole project took 3 days to complete and covered a 750Sq foot floor.

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Fort Techtoria