Concrete Parkade Membrane for Underground Parking for the Royal Parkade

Royal Parkade needed help with its rapidly deteriorating parking membrane. That’s the quick version of this project. The extended version is that a parkade membrane is essentially the roof of an underground parking garage. As you can imagine, roofs don’t exactly love cars – or trucks, or SUVs – to say nothing of motor oil, rain, snow and the general elements that get stuck on their tires, and on to said parking membrane.

Salt and gravel can really eat away at a parkade’s steel support system too. In other words, you need to take care of your parking membrane!

That was the situation Royal Parkade was in when they called us. So we showed up and rolled up our sleeves.

Resurfaced Membrane for Royal Parkade

Parking membranes are big projects. They can take a while – but they need to be done. You can often tell when a parking membrane needs to be replaced when it starts to leak in the floor below. It’s important to resurface a parking membrane too. This can help give it better traction for vehicles, along with more resistance to motor oil spills, salt, gravel, and the many things that cars, trucks and SUVs can drag onto a parkade floor over the seasons. The last thing you want is vehicles slipping on old motor oil, or potholes and other unwelcome surprises!

A New Parkade Membrane – Hear Those Tires Squeak

We resurfaced the parkade membrane for Royal Parkade. You can see some of the ‘before and after’ in several of the images. Before, the membrane was clearly showing its age. After, Royal Parkade has a new, attractive, tough and resurfaced parkade.

Job well done, and one the Royal Parkade was very happy to see!