South Island Surfaces knows how important correct floor preparation & levelling is before any finish is applied.


South Island Surfaces specializes in commercial and residential concrete preparation and leveling. Concrete leveling is an essential step whenever you are working on concrete patios, pools, slabs, sidewalks, steps, driveways, foundations and much more.

The most cost-effective way to a safe and even concrete surface, is to save the existing concrete. Ensuring a concrete surface is level will ensure the concrete will be in great shape for years to come, while saving money and costly site downtime.

Issues caused by unlevel concrete:

  • Unsightly looking
  • Broken edges and corners
  • Increased risk of tripping
  • Drainage problems such as pooling

Concrete leveling is achieved by raising or "floating" the concrete slab up in small increments. By raising the concrete in this manner, our specialists achieve a controlled precise lift which provides the best protection for the existing concrete surface while protecting the existing integrity and preventing damage to any nearby structures.

With over 12 years in the industry we always guarantee to deliver on time and under budget.

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