• Epoxy Coatings

    Perfect for commercial kitchens, hospital rooms, washrooms, laboratories, garage floors and warehouse floors to name a few!

  • Concrete Resurfacing

    South Island Surfaces specializes in concrete resurfacing and restoration for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Concrete Polishing

    There are literally hundreds of options and South Island Surfaces can help you choose what would best fit your next concrete project.

  • Concrete Leveling

    Correct floor preparation is crucial. Improperly prepared surfaces will only shorten the lifespan of your surface.

  • Concrete Re-Colouring

    We have access to some special colours and pigments you can’t buy in stores and no one else in the Victoria area uses.

  • Stamped Concrete

    Stamped concrete, often called decorative concrete replicates bricks or stones such as slate, flagstone or even wood.

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