Slip-resistant flooring can be found in industrial and commercial buildings that require increased protection from hazardous liquids and materials.


Slip resistance helps protect employees, visitors and customers alike when liquid, powders, abrasives or other materials are spilled or left on concrete floors. Installing an industrial slip resistant floor coating requires minimal downtime, so your business doesn't have to suffer.

Our team of surface specialists will assess your needs and recommend the right slip-resistant flooring solution that meets or exceeds you needs.

Areas where slip-resistance is beneficial or required:

  • Healthcare Flooring. These polished floors become slippery due spills, high traffic and hectic environment. Choosing a flooring solution that is easy to clean and maintain yet durable is critical.
  • Corporate & Education. Choosing a flooring surface that is quiet yet safe is a crucial task. Your employees or students need to be safe from slips and falls, but also noise that breaks concentration.
  • Retail, Shopping Centers, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores. Retail floors need to be slip-resistant but also durable enough to handle the day to day traffic of a retail environment. Other considerations are slip resistance on logos, graphics and lines placed to enhance traffic flow.

No matter what industry or flooring size, South Island Surfaces will install a slip-resistant floor that is not only durable, but has the beauty and look you desire.

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