Start to finish, South Island Surfaces has all the tools, equipment and expert personnel to take care of all your commercial, industrial and manufacturing flooring needs.

No matter what industry or commercial endeavour, every industrial facility has one or more rooms, production zones or other areas where the flooring is required to be able to withstand high impact, heavy weight and extreme abrasion.

By choosing the wrong flooring solution, your concrete slab will often crack, deteriorate and buckle under heavy traffic and high impact, usually developing fractures and failures that are often quite costly to repair.

The heavy wear and tear as well as exposure to oils, chemicals and abrasion in many industrial and manufacturing environments necessitates very specific flooring requirements. Your industrial floor should be chemical resistant, easy to maintain and clean and above all else tough and able to handle everyday abuse.

An industrial flooring solution from South Island Surfaces will meet and exceed these needs.

Standard concrete floor surfaces seldom handle heavy loads or severe impact well, and will continue to show signs of damage and deterioration unless they are given the right protection. Our industrial flooring solutions will give your concrete floor the strength it requires to withstand the repeated and constant abuse from daily facility operations. By choosing an industrial floor solution from South Island Surfaces, you are ensuring that your surface has the protection it needs to ensure a long lifespan without repair and costly facility shut downs.

Whatever your commercial or industrial flooring needs are, we have the perfect solution for you!

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