Urethane Concrete Floor Coating

The Merridale Cidery was looking for a protective food-grade floor coating for their quickly degrading bare concrete floor. The chemicals used during the bottling process can be fairly caustic and can wear away at most surfaces very quickly, including concrete.

We installed a urethane floor coating on top of the cement layer at ¼inch thick to give the cidery a long lasting and extremely durable, heat and chemical resistant floor finish for their bottling, storage and cooler areas. The existing concrete floors were very rough, uneven, and didn’t drain in the right direction. it was slippery and unsafe for the workers and would have resulted in a complete replacement of the concrete if we hadn’t added a coating soon.

The final product was a urethane cement coating in a brick red colour, covering approximately 1600 sq.ft. This was a fairly significant job and it took our team five days to install.

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