Regular concrete simply can’t be compared to the incredible durability and appearance of epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is heat resistant, highly reflective, resistant to oil and water, and even fire-proof in some cases, making it extremely safe and durable. Epoxy also comes in an absolutely huge range of colours, coatings, and styles, making it a great option for retail spaces, commercial production facilities, warehouses, and more.

South Island Surfaces has all of the special tools, doodads, gizmos, equipment, and expert installers on our team that allow us to offer a wide range of epoxy floor coatings. We can handle anything from retail shop installations to heavy industrial site jobs. Check out our complete list of floor coating types and finishes, along with our colour selection: Epoxy Coating Types & Finishes.

Depending on the level of durability, heat resistance, slip resistance, and design options you’re looking for one type of floor coating may be better than others. If you’re unsure what will work best for your space, get in touch with South Island Surfaces today for a free quote.

In this expose article, we’ll break down each type of epoxy flooring type, as well as the various coatings available.

Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Metallic Epoxy

This trendy flooring option is glossy, bold, and visually stunning. Many colour combinations and visual effects are possible with metallic epoxy – we can even make your floors look three-dimensional! A quick Pinterest search will show metallic epoxy floors made to look like flowing rivers, galaxies, and the deep sea. See how it looks in this metallic epoxy floor that we installed recently => Fort Techtoria Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy mortar is the strongest seamless floor coating on the market. It’s mixed with sand or quartz sand before being installed by hand. This heavy-duty floor coating is extremely durable with high impact resistance, making it ideal for industrial settings.

Self-Levelling Epoxy

Self-levelling epoxy can be applied to either new, old, cracked or damaged concrete. It’s easy to apply because it spreads out across the concrete and self-levels practically on its own. The result is a totally seamless surface – no rollers necessary!

Quartz Epoxy

Decorative quartz epoxy flooring is very popular due to the range of colour options, along with the fact that it’s slip-resistant, highly durable, and long-lasting. This coating is made by combining high-performance polymer resin with blended colour quartz granules.

Epoxy Flake

Flake flooring systems are also decorative, but with a twist. Flake epoxy coating uses layers of chips or flakes to generate multi-hued surfaces with vibrant designs. Flake is available in a wide range of styles and colours, able to complement any décor.

Decorative Epoxy

If you’re looking to upgrade the aesthetic appearance of your flooring, decorative epoxy is the choice for you. The options are virtually unlimited, whether you’re looking for an intricate design, a shiny formulation, or splashy colours. Not only is this floor coating visually appealing, but it’s also slip resistant and easy to clean.

Anti-Static Epoxy

As its name suggests, ant-static epoxy flooring protects against static charges and electrostatic discharges that occur frequently in the electronics industry, among others. This electrical discharge can be extremely damaging to equipment. Not only does this floor coating protect against electrical discharges, it prevents explosions and fires.

Epoxy Floor Finishes

Stonshield SLT

Stonshield SLT Epoxy & Urethane Floor Coating

Stonshield SLT epoxy & urethane floor coating is ideal for commercial and manufacturing flooring applications. That’s because they’re slip resistant, safe, and easy to clean. And as a bonus, they come in lots of colours, patterns and textures.

Stonclad UR

Stonclad UR Epoxy & Urethane Floor Coating

Stonclad UR epoxy & urethane floor coating is designed for more heavy-duty environments like manufacturing plants and places working with chemicals. These surfaces are resistant to most chemicals, and they’re also able to withstand impact and abrasion. They can even be custom-built to resist electrical discharge and stand up to both hot and cold temperatures.


Stontech Epoxy & Urethane Floor Coating

Stontech epoxy & urethane floor coating comes in a variety of colour and flake options. This type of coating is dense, stain resistant, and quick to install, making it the coating of choice for university concourses and pharma labs.

If you’re interested in new epoxy floor coating for your commercial facility, warehouse or retail space, get in touch with us at South Island Surfaces. We service Victoria, Vancouver, and the rest of Vancouver Island, and we’ve installed flooring in various places like universities, processing plants, grocery stores, recreation centers and more.

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